Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lady Gaga Superbowl - Apolitical or Simpley Appropriate?

I posted this article about Lady Gaga and her increased sales after a Superbowl half time show.  Some people had hoped that the outspoken advocate of tolerance for gay people and others who are 'different' would make a statement about Trump's presidency.  Before the event some wondered if she would take Meryl Streep as a model and use the public attention to denounce Trump and his policies.  

But even Fox news Right Winger Bill O'Reilly had to salute the professional job Lady Gaga performance showed.  Lady Gaga spreads her message through her music, not through public speeches in the middle of performances.  The increase in sales of her music will reinforce her message of tolerance through her art.  

One commentator noted that Beyonce had a political slant to her performance with a Black Panther Party themed half time show.  She wanted to express solidarity with Black Lives Matter street protests against police killings of black people.  Most of the time Beyonce's work is not very political at all, so maybe it was a good time for her to express solidarity with spontaneous demonstrations in the streets.  But one commentator wrote that 'once again the black woman is left to do the heavy lifting.'  The artistic choice of when to be political is not recognized in the bizarre world of 'privilege checking' oppression olympics.  

 So here's what I posted about L. Gaga increasing here message through a good performance that caused people to seek out her work.  I put it on /r/RadicalFeminism on Reddit, and also on Craiglist Boston General. 


Lady Gaga sales spike 1,000% after Super Bowl halftime show (How to spread a message)

It's good to be Lady Gaga.

Two days removed from her well-received Super Bowl halftime performance, her music sales and streaming stats are soaring.

Digital sales: Nielsen Music reports she sold 125,000 song downloads. That's up roughly 960% compared to the day before the game. She sold over 23,000 albums on Sunday, representing a 2,000% increase.

The newest song in her Super Bowl set, A Million Reasons, saw the biggest sales bump with 45,000 downloads, up 900% from one day earlier. In fact, A Million Reasons, a track from her October release Joanne, had its best sales week ever.

Review: Lady Gaga preaches unity during high-flying Super Bowl set

Bad Romance saw a bump of 1,525%, selling more than 13,000 downloads.

Born This Way sold 12,000 downloads, good enough for a 2,202% increase.

Poker Face picked up 10,000 new sales, an increase of 1,217%

Spotify: The songs from her Sunday set are up 674% while her catalog has spiked 605%. Born This Way is enjoying a particularly good sales day with an increase of 1,085%

Pandora: Demand for the streaming service's Lady Gaga station is up 1,400% compared to last week. Meanwhile, more than 24,000 users added her station to their accounts on Sunday alone.

And she'll have another number to look forward to next week after tickets for the U.S. leg of her Joanne world tour go on sale Monday.

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